Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zumba Fail

I so want in on this Zumba hype! It looks fun and I hear it is a fantastic workout. I have many friends that have joined gyms in order to Zumba. Unfortunately, joining the gym to do so is not possible for me at this time with all that is going on. Thank you God for infomercials, because they have Zumba Fitness. I didn't think twice. I jumped right on the computer and ordered my box (I did not spring for accelerated shipping though).

This past Friday my box came. I was so excited. I tore it open, played with the little hand weights, or sticks, because they really don't weigh that much. I was super ecstatic!! Saturday morning rolls around. I'm home alone with the girls, playing and cleaning up the house. Meghan decided to go down for an early nap, so I decided to Zumba!

I was short on time so I decided to pop in the 20-Express workout. Perfect. I'm all for fast workouts. I change my clothes, lace up my tennis shoes, and move the Ottoman down a bit (I knew I would need room).

This is where turns south....

**The DVD said for beginners. I'm a beginner right, so I didn't think there would be a problem. However, I found out that a beginner is totally different, and definitely more 'skilled', than a first timer. This was confirmed as the trainer would say statements such as, 'you know this step', 'remember this step'. No I don't know because I've never done this!!

**The 20-minute express work out turned out to be 33 minutes. I had to stop and pause. I had to catch my breath a few times, I had to clip by bangs back, I had to get some water, I had to get some more water, I had to bend at the waist to catch my breath. I work out. I can pound out 3 miles on the treadmill no problem. I can hang fairly well with Jillian Michael's. But THIS, kicked my a#$!

**Thank GOD I do not have a mirror in my living room. I could only imagine what I looked like. I don't have a lot of rhythm....sober. So here I'm trying, for the first time, these Latin dance moves at an "express pace". For 33 minutes I probably looked like a hurt chicken hopping around on hot coals. Ugh...I shudder.

Well, the end finally came. I'm was laying on my floor gasping for breath when Elizabeth chimed in with her take on my 33 minute session. Bless the innocent and honest heart of a 5 year old. Our dialog went like this:

Elizabeth: You OK mom?
Me: *very heavy breathing* Yep
Elizabeth: You could probably dance better if you took your shirt off like they did (some were wearing shirts like sports bra's).
Me: *silence*
Me: *silence*
Me: *silence*
Me: I don't think that would help hun :(

On a good note...

**I may not have actually Zumba'd, but I did manage to elevate my heart rate and burn a few calories.

**I will not quit! I will start with the DVD that is probably tailored for first timer's.

**I will only Zumba with the doors locked, the blinds closed, and nobody will be allowed in the house.

**And will not see me visiting any Zumba classes...yet.


  1. Go Kerri! You are a brave woman. Elaine gave me some workout DVD's and I haven't even touched them yet. I'm afraid too, but Zumba is even scarier. Good luck!

  2. Go you!! You'll proabaly build more & more endurance. I also love the freedom of working out in your own home. Keep up the great work! :) Cute & funny post!