Friday, February 25, 2011

Wind, Rain, Hail, and Tornado's??

What is up with Mother Nature? Did she forget that this is California?? Is it not enough that we have earthquakes, but now Miss Momma Nature feels the need to throw in some tornado's on top of it all.

Ok, ok, hands down, I will take a Cali tornado any day over those ginormous ones that frequent the Midwest. Actually, I'm sure if anyone from the Midwest sees our little twister today, they will laugh their a$$ off because we are all making such a big deal out of it. AND...if our little twister even remotely resembled one of them Midwest ones, I sure would not be standing at the window taking pictures of it!

The wind was super crazy throughout the early morning (I just knew a tree was going to fall on my didn't though), followed by some serious downpours, which was followed by some patches of blue sky and peeking sunshine, only to be darkened up by some serious quarter size hail (yes, this too is big for Cali), followed by our little twister, and finally, a clear starry night. So I just wanted to share our little mix bag of weather up here in NorCal. Why you ask, because I'm the biggest weather nerd EVER!!!

I was standing under a doorway so they look kinda little, but really they were quarter size.

Inside our office looking out. If it was bigger, I wouldn't have been there.

There goes the storm, moving right along.

Have a great weekend all. Stay warm, dry and safe :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Catching Up

Oh my goodness...where does time go?? February is halfway over...yikes. Life in our household has been normal for the most part...i.e. CRAZY! But we have all grown accustomed to living that way I guess.

We have had my nephew visiting us for the past 6 weeks. He lives down in Pismo with my sister and niece. It was awesome having him here. I love him, I miss him and I feel that we had a chance to get caught up in life. When I moved to Sacramento 12 years ago, he was only 11 years old. And having only brief visits during that time left little chance to really hang out and reconnect.

Matt has been on call at work since Jan 1 and will be until the end of March. I feel bad for him because during this time he is averaging about 55 to 60 hours a week. BUT, I love Love LOVE the overtime checks. Did I mention that I love the overtime checks!!!!! It totally lets me shop pay bills with less stress!

Elizabeth is doing GREAT in school. We just had her conference with her teacher and I am so proud to say that she brought up her reading score from below grade level, to achieving grade level. We have worked so hard on this goal. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this (well maybe not so much the blood). On Monday's and Wednesday's she goes to her friends house and does homework with him and his momma. She LOVES going over there and has done so much better on her most recent math tests!! Tuesday's, I get off from work, pick her up and we head to the library. We sit and do her homework there then pick out books to read for the week. I'm trying to think of different things to do with her to keep her homework time as fresh and fun as possible. Cirriculum these days are not what they used to be!! Pretty much 90% of her math homework is word problems. Seriously, for a 1st grader, from day 1, word problems. At the beginning of the year she couldn't even read the problems! A couple weeks ago she had a math problem that I literally attempted to figure out using algebra. Seriously, and guess what....I wasn't the only parent to do this!! This math problem taught me two things. One, look at it from a 1st graders point of view, or basically Keep It Simple Stupid (me!!!), and two, I suck and retained nothing of Algebra. When that homework comes home, I will gladly be paying a tutor to help her out!!

Meghan has been, well, bored, cranky, content, name it, she has been that recently! For the most part, she has been super healthy, although she does have a virus right now but so far it's not too bad (Elizabeth had it over the weekend and shared). Her seizures seem to be under control and I hope and pray everyday that they stay that way. My mom and I have really been working with her on putting puzzles together and identifying objects in books. She LOVES her books and pointing out different items. She loves learning and her brain is really absorbing it ALL! I think that is why she has been getting into trouble a lot lately. She is getting in to EVERYTHING, and she knows it! She is just so bored! I can't wait for the flu season to die down so we can get her out and do more things.

With her bordem comes the opportunity to play mess with her sister. You see, when Meghan does something that makes Elizabeth mad, Elizabeth FREAKS the FREAK out!! Her reaction to Meghan just gives Meghan all the more reason to do it again and again and again. I've tried to tell her not to react like she does. But nope, everytime, in her super hight pitched, loud and most whiny voice "Nooooooo Megggghhaannn. Stop it. Mom, Meghans bothering me". So not entertaining for us adults in the household, but Meghan LOVES this!!! For the peace of the household, I really hope that someday Elizabeth will take my advice!

Some serious hair pulling above

As for me, what have I been doing! Really, what have I been doing?? Well, Elizabeth not only shared her virus with Meghan, but I think she also shared it with me. So now I am a bit under the weather. Sore throat, headache and some bodyaches, but so far, Motrin is helping out! But really, you know life is boring!! Working full time and coming home to a cranky two year old, 1st grade homework, dinner, baths, reading, snuggle time, and bedtime leaves little time for me. But that's OK, it just makes the that I do get for myself all the more special. Oooohhhh....this weekend, Matt and I are having a date night!! Now folks, this is rare!! Dinner and a movie is on the agenda and I am as giddy as a school girl about this! It's our Valentine's dinner/present to each other <3

Oh...and btw...I'm so totally addicted to this website, I WANT everything!!! Keep up the OT Matt....muah!!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the joy of LOVE - Day One

So during the month of February, I will be taking this class from Kelly Willett, the joy of LOVE. I'm so excited to see how I evolve when it comes to photography. Today was day one! The instructions for today was to take a picture of what one of your loved ones do! OK, so keep in mind...I am camera illiterate, at this point, but I more than love my girls and any picture I take of them, melts MY heart!

This picture speaks volumes to me! Meghan is just now pointing to objects in books when asked. I found Elizabeth and her on the couch going through the book. It's a love/hate relationship between them, but the love wins at this time <3

I'm so proud of E! She is really embracing reading and I couldn't be more proud! From one avid reader to hopefully another one, I LOVE THIS PIC!!!