Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eight Years!!!!!

I am so totally proud to announce that today is mine and Matt's 8 year Wedding Anniversary!!!! Matt is such a wonderful husband and truly my best friend. Looking back at our life, it hasn't really gone exactly as we had planned. I mean really who sits down with their new spouse and say "Let's see, we want to keep our debt level just barely below constant stress, let's throw in a water pipe breakage in which this would lead us to put brand new plumbing throughout the house, we want the neighbors behind us to constantly heave stuff in our back yard and try to shoot the squirrels with homemade blow gun darts. Oh, and those darts will sporadically litter our yard thus making us do a walk through prior to letting the kids out. Kids, lets plan for a special needs child that will truly test our marriage to the very last straw...but it will be great!" I can go on and on, but I DO have to say that I am truly blessed with EVERYTHING we have. It has had it's bumps, and there will be so many more bumps, but when I snuggle in his arms at night and he holds me tight, I feel that WE can take on the world by ourselves. It is the best feeling EVER. Happy Anniversary Matt <3>

Every year, the Monday before our anniversary, Matt will send me a dozen red roses and a white rose for every year we have been married to work. Every time I look at then I get this ridiculous grin on my face!!

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