Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I've Missed You! about neglect. It has been a while. OK, so let me get you up to speed with the important stuff in our lives over the past month.

We hosted thanksgiving at our house. Had a blast. That morning I ran my first 5K for the Race to Feed the Hungry. It was awesome. That got me motivated and I have committed myself to running a half marathon in May! So super excited.

Matt and I at Thanksgiving

Elizabeth and I

Sweet Meghan

Adam, Courtney, Autumn, and Me :)

Santa's Secret Adventure:
There is this amazing barn and stable place up in Penryn CA. During Christmas time they host this Santa's Secret Adventure. Every inch of the place is decorated with 1000's of lights. They have carriage rides, horse rides, wrap presents with Santa's elves, cookies and hot chocolate, story time around the fire with Santa's elves, and of course the big guy himself, Santa! I surprised Elizabeth with a trip there. I told her that Matt, her and I were going on a special date but didn't tell her where we were going. Hardest thing ever because I get so super excited and I just want to blurt in out. Elizabeth was totally surprised when we got there. Smiles from ear to ear all night long! I totally wish I would have brought Meghan because I know that she would have loved it too, but being the first time, I had no idea what to expect. Next year for sure I will be taking her!

Elizabeth and I on a Carriage Ride

Matt and Elizabeth in front of some of the many Christmas Trees

Being cut Christmas ornaments!!

Elizabeth wrapping presents with one of Santa's Elves!

Pony rides!

Gotta have our pictures with the Mrs.......

Family Christmas Party:
Every year my husband's side of the family gets together for an annual Christmas party. This year, his aunt and uncle came down from Oregon and his brother came from Santa Cruz. We weren't sure if it was going to happen because we were expected to get hit pretty hard with storms, but mother nature cooperated and low and behold, we had our party. Tons of food and tons of laughs. It was a good time. We always do a white elephant gift exchange. Not too bad, I walked away with case of darn good beer! Thanks neph!!!

Meghan sporting the Santa hat!

Somebody LOVES Christmas!!

Meghan Update:
A couple weeks ago we took Meghan in for a routine MRI to see if the light areas of her brain have improved since the steroid treatment she was on. Meghan's seizures have pretty much been completely under control so I had a super positive outlook on this MRI. The Monday after her MRI, the nurse from the neuro's office calls asking if we can come in at 3:00 the next day to discuss the results of the MRI. So at the same time I'm trying to figure out 1. WTF is wrong with the MRI if there is anything wrong 2. What is our schedule like tomorrow 3. Don't cry Don't cry Don't cry. So I stammer out that yes we can, if we both can't be there at least one of us will. Then I immediately ask in a quivering voice..."Is it bad". The poor nurses response was..."I'm not sure, Dr Chez just called and wanted me to call you to discuss the MRI." So then I proceed to tell her..."Well of course it has to be bad, I mean you don't call to schedule an appointment within 24 hours to tell us everything is just fine." Poor nurse quickly ended the call and I was left sitting on the floor crying. Matt comes in, and in the middle of telling him about the phone call, the neuro's office called back. The nurse practitioner, who obviously talked to the poor nurse, said that her left side of the brain (the part with the damage) appears to be worse. But good news, the light area looks better.

Matt, Meghan and I made it to the appointment and was ready for the news. The left side does appear smaller from the previous MRI, but he thinks that it could be a side effect from the steroids. Something called Pseudoatrophy. I guess it takes about 6 months for the steroids to completely leave the body. As a result of the steroids, they could somehow make the brain "appear" to be smaller but it SHOULD be normal once she no longer has the drug in her body. So...we wait until her next MRI in June to verify if that is what it is. If it is not that....then back to the drawing board. So frustrating.

Overall...Meghan is developing leaps and bounds. Her Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, and Developmental Therapist see amazing progress in her development. It is so darn cute to hear her jabber and "tell her sister off" when she is mad.

We are all super excited for Christmas. My other sister, nephew and niece who live down in Pismo Beach are travelling up. I haven't seen them in forever. It is going to be amazing!!! And the girls, well lets just say, I am lucky that there are still paper on the presents!

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! For those who are missing somebody important in their life this Christmas, you all are in my prayers. I pray that you will find some peace and comfort during this Holiday. Much love to you all!!!

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  1. Welcome back & great post! First of all wooo hooo on the 5k! Feels great hah?! You will do great in your half marathon! May is a great length of time to train too. I am thinking of doing the OC half mar in May also.

    I want to come to the barn for the Santa adventures that looks so neat! Noah would love that.

    I'm keeping Meghan in my pratyers but happy for the leaps & bounds with speech & what not!
    Merry Christmas to you & yours! XO