Friday, February 25, 2011

Wind, Rain, Hail, and Tornado's??

What is up with Mother Nature? Did she forget that this is California?? Is it not enough that we have earthquakes, but now Miss Momma Nature feels the need to throw in some tornado's on top of it all.

Ok, ok, hands down, I will take a Cali tornado any day over those ginormous ones that frequent the Midwest. Actually, I'm sure if anyone from the Midwest sees our little twister today, they will laugh their a$$ off because we are all making such a big deal out of it. AND...if our little twister even remotely resembled one of them Midwest ones, I sure would not be standing at the window taking pictures of it!

The wind was super crazy throughout the early morning (I just knew a tree was going to fall on my didn't though), followed by some serious downpours, which was followed by some patches of blue sky and peeking sunshine, only to be darkened up by some serious quarter size hail (yes, this too is big for Cali), followed by our little twister, and finally, a clear starry night. So I just wanted to share our little mix bag of weather up here in NorCal. Why you ask, because I'm the biggest weather nerd EVER!!!

I was standing under a doorway so they look kinda little, but really they were quarter size.

Inside our office looking out. If it was bigger, I wouldn't have been there.

There goes the storm, moving right along.

Have a great weekend all. Stay warm, dry and safe :)

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  1. I know right?! Helloooo we want flip flops!!! lol

    Hope you have a great weekend too!! And thanks for the treadmill tips I need em!