Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the joy of LOVE - Day One

So during the month of February, I will be taking this class from Kelly Willett, the joy of LOVE. I'm so excited to see how I evolve when it comes to photography. Today was day one! The instructions for today was to take a picture of what one of your loved ones do! OK, so keep in mind...I am camera illiterate, at this point, but I more than love my girls and any picture I take of them, melts MY heart!

This picture speaks volumes to me! Meghan is just now pointing to objects in books when asked. I found Elizabeth and her on the couch going through the book. It's a love/hate relationship between them, but the love wins at this time <3

I'm so proud of E! She is really embracing reading and I couldn't be more proud! From one avid reader to hopefully another one, I LOVE THIS PIC!!!

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  1. That's gotta melt your heart hah? It melts mine! Too cute!