Saturday, September 10, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

When it comes to MLB...we may disagree.
But when you bring it home, and bring it Triple-A, we are right on!!
I had the wonderful opportunity to take Elizabeth, her BFF H, and my wonderful sis, Kim, to a River Cats game.
You see, Kim and I are seasoned River Cats attendees!
This, however, was Elizabeth's very first ever sports event. Her bestie H, had been before, and helped me pump Elizabeth up for all the exciting goodies the game brings!!!

Kim, myself and Elizabeth

Elizabeth, her bestie H, and their pink mini bats and claws!!

I think her smile says it all!

The Highlights:
1$ Hot Dog and Dessert night
Dinner for three only cost me $12 bucks
The tickets were free
We could actually see the game and could have actually caught a ball
I had a sister date
The Seventh-Inning Stretch
Those sitting next to us were not unruly
A certain 8 and 6 year old smiled constantly ear to ear
Oh...and the River Cats won

The Hurts:
A large Popcorn and two waters had cost more than dinner
I had to buy a mitt because I was afraid that a foul ball would viciously hit us in the head (well, me at least)
It took an inning and a half for my sister to get us drinks (alcoholic of course)
The ATM machines were down...see above
Nobody started the Wave (um...isn't this a baseball must??)
Elizabeth cried the WHOLE way to the car because she was cold

Pink mitt...of course :)

How cool is the Tower Bridge in the background of Raley Field!!

Just a night view

This of my best nights...EVER!!! hubbs in an engineer at this building so I kept texting him all night about seeing smoke, lighting issues, broken name it, I irritated him ;)


  1. How fun :) I love the pink mitt :) i love baseball games!!!

  2. You forgot one more highlight....

    It wasn't a Dodgers game!