Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School

Well the girls have been back in school for 13 days now...not that I'm counting! Both, LOVE it! Maybe not so much the work, but the new clothes, backpack, lunch boxes, folders, school lunches (gross), and most of all...their friends!

Elizabeth FINALLY got excited for the start of school! OMG...second grade!! The Friday before school we found out who her teacher was. She got the teacher she really wanted so I was very happy for her. She has about half her friends in her class, but she can at least see and play with them at recess.

I got a little nervous at back to school night. They expect so much out of them in the second grade. Honestly, waaaaay back when I was in the second grade, I think we were still coloring by numbers.

First and Second grades, the school day is broken up into Early and Late Birds. Early Birds are for the less strong readers while your Late Birds are your more experienced readers. I was bummed. She placed as an Early Bird again. We worked hard this summer going to the library, reading regularly at night. I know she is young. While most of her classmates are, and have been for sometime, 7...she will be 7 toward the end of October. I did start her early, so I know that plays a hand in it.

I admit, I am an over achiever and I expect the same with Elizabeth. She, not so much. So, most of our nights doing homework end up in all around tears. I don't know how to be stern with her, and get her to understand the importance of completely understanding her work without tears and major frustration on both our parts. Oh well.

First pic - day 1 of homework, the next two - day 2
Meghan seems to like school to. She is going to preschool this year. It is the same one that she started when she turned 3 in March. Finally, she is getting on her schedule where she is not completely falling apart in the morning when we wake her up. Because she goes to this special education preschool, and she has to have her rescue seizure medication on hand, she gets picked up and dropped off everyday by bus. yes, a little yellow bus again! She is one of the first kiddos to get picked up, so she leaves at 7:20 AM!!! So much for overly using the snooze button! She is home usually by 11:10 or so!

Matt and I went to her back to school night as well. She has The.Best.Teacher.EVER!!! She wanted us to bring Meghan and Elizabeth for that fact with us at back to school night. Obviously her back to school night is not as formal as Elizabeth's was, but I was like, seriously! She really loves the kids. Really loves them which is so amazing to know as a mom.

Meghan is one of four kids in her class. She is the only girl!! Ms. Marilu, her amazing tearcher, shared with us that she loves to play teacher when she is there. She grabs the teacher stick and will point to the different pictures on the wall demanding the attention of the others. She even goes up to the kids and will use her sign language for them to sit down. Hmm...little miss bossy, wonder where she gets that from!!

I wasn't able to get a pic of Meghan getting on the bus, but there she is driving off to school!

Wishing everyone a happy beggining to school! 

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