Friday, April 2, 2010

Let's Meet!

Hi! I'm Kerri. I'm 34 years old living in Sacramento with my husband, also my best friend, Matt! We have two awesome daughters Elizabeth and Meghan. Elizabeth was born on October 22, 2004 and Meghan was born March 23, 2008 (Easter Sunday). Also living in my not so large house is my mom Sharyn and our 3 to 5 crazy cats (I will explain all this later).

Matt and I both work full time and cherish the time we actually get to spend together. We love summer!! Sacramento gets to be pretty hot so we take our boat out to the river (usually) to do some wakeboarding and tubing. So when the weather heats up...we are always on the water!

Elizabeth goes to Kindergarten. She loves it, I think for the sake of socializing! She is a great student and really tries hard in school. I'm so proud of her. I seriously have not met a more well mannered kid than her. I guess all the nagging I did when she was little worked out well! Elizabeth does both ballet and gymnastics. She is the stockiest ballerina I have ever seen but she loves it and I love watching her! Elizabeth also had tons of friends who are just awesome! Elizabeth started daycare when she was 5 months old and still is very good friends with those kids (even though we are all at different schools now).

Meghan, my sweet Meggers, where do I start! Meghan can light up a room when she toddles on in! She has also taught me so much about what is truly important in life. When Meghan was 6 months old, she started having seizures. All seemed good, and we plugged away at life keeping her as well as possible to avoid anymore seizures. Three months after her first seizure, she had a really bad one during the night. It was bad enough to cause damage to her left frontal lobe of the brain. She was 10 months old when this happened, and after that seizure she was developmentally set back to a 2 month old. Meghan still has seizures (Partial Complex and Generalized Clonic-Tonic) but are controlled pretty well with medication. We just try to not let her get sick. She still has some delays (especially with Speech) but she is in a Preschool daycare 3 days a week and also goes to toddler gym! She is my rock and I so admire her strength!

I plan on capturing the important, crazy, insane, fun and just down right stupid moments of our life on this blog...both past and future! I gotta say that I am pretty excited to do so. I hope that when the girls are older they can look back on this blog and enjoy it to.

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