Thursday, January 27, 2011

Randomness With Pictures

So, post Christmas, I got a new nifty little camera. Well, not little I guess. I purchased my first Digital SLR. I've been having fun taking random pictures, but it is waaaaaaaaaaaaay more complicated than my little Sony point and shoot and my Droid camera. So I got me some homework to do, classes to take and never ending strings of questions for my friends who already have digital SLR's (sorry friends...don't ignore me :)) BUT, I have mastered turning the thing on, switching the little dial thingy to a green square (which takes good pictures), adjust the zoom, auto-focusing, taking the picture, AND even able to go back and check them out. are just some random pictures, totally playing around and getting used to it!

First Picture!!!

Love this pic...Meg's owies from falling out of the chair


E posing...dancing with Just Dance 2 (so fun)

??? No Idea ???

My awesome cat...well, one of them.

Kickn' it

Attempting a snow angel

E loving her first snow experience

Snow Cave!!!!

I have no words...BUT...favorite pic EVER

Cheap and CLEAN entertainment

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  1. I know you’ve said it before, but looking at the pictures of Meghan remind me so much of Bevin…she does the same thing with books as well…and Meghan’s “battle scar” on the top of her nose, Bev had a very similar one from leaning on our security door and mommy pulling it open (didn’t see her leaning there) and she fell and landed face first.
    And I LOVE that pic of Meghan in the snow cave! OMG! The look is priceless!