Monday, January 10, 2011

My Friend, Melinda

My friend of 26 years was killed Friday, Jan 7, 2011. Melinda Tackett Yager was one of my oldest and dearest friends. We met on the soccer field in 1985. We became fast friends and remained that way since JR High.

I graduated from Arroyo Grande High School in 1994 whereas Melinda graduated in 1995. We both attended Alan Hancock College together and tried our hardest to take the same classes. For a few years I would pick Melinda up in the morning, we would stop at 7-11, get a machine made capaccino, a Tigers Milk bar, and head off to college. After school we would drive back home, drive by the Five Cities Ambulance station...hello central coast folks, weren't they all HOT...just to see who was working...then end up at her house to change for work. From there we would head on over to Burger King to make the most fabulous meals for all to eat.

I have tons of memories of Melinda that would bring a smile to anyone's face! My most favorite is this:
I had moved up to Sacramento to attend California State University Sacramento. It was my very first semester, 5 hours away from home. My besties Crystal and Melinda came up from Pismo Beach to visit me. We went to this random club...The Sacramento. After closing, Melinda, Crystal and I drove through a Del Taco to get a mid-night, hang over helping snack. We got back to my apartment, parked and started walking up to my door. As we were walking, I expressed my complete displeasure about this stupid motorcycle who parked in the most "prime spot" of all! So the three of us got the brilliant idea of moving this motorcycle from the parking spot up on to the sidewalk. So we carefully set down our Del Taco bags and the three of us, with all our might, tried to push the motorcycle up over the curb on to the side walk. are way heavier than they look. Ten minutes, in our intoxicated stupor, we lost interest in attempting to move the motorcycle...we pick up our Del Taco...and proceeded to the apartment to dine in pleasure! Oh we laughed and laughed about that night.

Melinda...I will miss you so much. I've never ever thought I would experience the loss of a friend like this. Kaylee has the most special guardian angel watching over her. A day will never go by where you are not in my thoughts or prayers. Thank you for the laughs Mel...I love you so much my friend.

Melinda died at the hands of her husband. They were in the process of a divorce and she so wanted to come back to California, from Colorado. Melinda being the responsible person she was, she was trying to make sure that all legal requirements were met prior to leaving the state (she was divorcing him and bringing her daughter Kaylee to California). Friday, 1/7/11, they had a court date which did not go in his favor. He went to the house. She called the cops to report him, in which they dispatched a trespassing call. I don't know what happened then, but the corner said she put up a good fight. Melinda was found in a neighbors yard, by the railroad tracks, dead. She had bleed to death from cuts to her throat. She bleed to death while running from him to get help.

Here are some pictures of Melinda some years back!

Me and Melinda

Melinda in the Gap hat

Melinda in the Gap hat

Melinda...bottom row...second in from the right (long blond curly hair). 1988

Kaylee...Melinda's 15 month old precious baby girl is left without her mother. A trust fund had been set  up for this adorable little girl who will never know her mother. Please, if you can, find it in your heart to help little Kaylee Yager! She is just another innocent victim in this unfathomable tragedy! Or, please just say a prayer for little Kaylee and Melinda, and for her family!!! I love you Melinda! RIP my sweet friend!

For donations for Kaylee Yaeger...please go here...

Thank your so much for your prayers, or donations for Melinda and Kaylee.


  1. Oh my gosh...I have chills all over. This is AWFUL! I'm so sorry for your loss & for this innocent little girls loss of her mother. She will remain in my thoughts & prayers.

  2. Kerri, Thank you so much for sharing this...and making me cry all over again. Melinda was a true angel on Earth. I hope that one day Kaylee will be able to see she has her own, VERY special angel watching over her. My thoughts and prayers will forever be with Kaylee, and the rest of Melinda's family.

  3. Oh my goodness.. This is just awful :( I'm in disbelief that someone could do this to the mother of his child.. I am so sorry for your loss.. Kaylee is def in my thoughts and prayers!

  4. Thank you Kerri! I enjoyed the story about my sis. She was truly a bright light and burst of very vocal energy in our family! Not a minute goes by that I don't think of her. I miss her so much. As do all of her many friends.

  5. I randomly opened my yearbook tonight and looked up some of my old friends. I'm so saddened to hear about Melinda. She was a great person to know throughout jr high and high school. Always so friendly to me and others. A beautiful person.

    John T