Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Day

I've have lived in Sacramento for 12 years now...12 years! Since my move up here, I can count on one hand how many times I have been to the snow. Sadly, the snow is only an hour away. AND, what is even more the past 7 years...I have gone zero...0...times. So with that said...Elizabeth, who is now 6, has never been to the snow. I tried last year, when it was so cold and rained...well "snowed" (it stuck for 10 minutes)...tried to pass it off to Elizabeth as going to the snow. That so did not work! So as summer was coming to a close, as school shopping was in full swing, I saw a great price on snow boots! I snatched a pair up for both Elizabeth and Meghan fully knowing if I buy the shoes, then we MUST go!!! A simple call to a friend provided us with snow clothes (only for Elizabeth and Meghan), 2 sleds, and a disk sled! Matt, my mom, the girls and I piled in the truck yesterday and headed east. Where we were clue!!! First we would find the snow, then we would find the park!! Awesome friend A suggested we go to Yuba Gap, a road sign said to stop at Soda Springs, but my hungry tummy had us stop at Nyack. Nyack had this huge parking lot with this huge play area!!! So that is where we ended up!!!

The girls absolutely LOVED the snow!!! As a was one of the happiest moments of my mom life!! Going up in the truck, Elizabeth and I formed a snow ball alliance...we were suppose to be on one team...but the minute she set foot on the was every man for themselves! Meghan...she found a nice comfortable which mommy made sure there was only "white" colored snow...and she ate and ate!

There was awesome little hills to sled down. An already started snowman, and a cool little snow cave! PERFECT day! The irony in this little snow trip is we had to go to the snow for the sunny warm weather as Sacramento has been nothing but foggy drizzly weather for the past two weeks! Just to keep things in perspective...I managed to successfully lock the keys in the truck. HUGE shout out to AAA roadside...they were there within 20 minutes. Love them! AND hubby wasn't too mad at me, although he questions why I ever put the keys on the dash!

In light of this past week, yesterday was so perfect and much needed! It is the first of many family days to come!!

                                                                Ready for the road trip

                                                                         Snow or bust

                                                                   First time snow bunnies

                                                        Happy Meg...not so happy E

                                                                      Hello happy E

                                                                  Loving the snow

                                           Loving eating the snow (it's white worries)

                                                                       E's first snow ball

                                                                    Fantastic babysitter

Attempting a snow angel...I think

                                                 Yes he pushed her..she coulda got hurt

                                              Yes...I pushed her and..No..she didn't get hurt

                                                    Meg and the already started snowman

                                                                  Cheesy snow pic

The snow awesome

                                                Yep...she sure knows how to throw the looks

                                                                            Snow ride

                                                          Personal touches to the snowman


  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like so much fun!!!

  2. Love that meghan in the cave look