Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Suck...

At blogging. I sit and read everyone else's blogs, venture off to new ones and fail at mine. Yes I'm busy, but so is everyone else!! Time for me to get back on track!!

Well, since summer is over, here is a rundown of what the happenings have been.

Elizabeth - finished 1st grade :) and will be going on to second grade starting next week. She is so not ready to go. But I sweetly tell her too bad, it's a part of life so she better start liking it or it is going to be a long 11 years. For the first time ever, she went to church camp. It was only two nights but she had a blast!! She has been swimming like a fish, ballet/jazz and gymnastics. There is no way she can ever say that she was bored this summer. And, amazingly, I followed through with taking her and her friend to the library every week so we can keep up on our reading! I'm a nerd, I know all the librarians by name now!!
Miss Knight! Amazing teacher. This was the card that we made to give her. She retired last year!

Meghan - is a little over half-way in her hyperbaric therapy. She is doing fantastic. She listens and follows directions better. She is associating objects with words more often and trying to say different things. Her attention span is so much better. But, that girl just won't sleep. She is up anywhere from 2 to 5 times a night. Potty training is also sucking bad. I just hope that someday these two issues will be a thing of the past and we can move forward more refreshed and without having to change diapers.
Meghan having a blast in the backyard pool!!

Matt and I - have been working like crazy. We all went down to Pismo in June for my nieces high school graduation. We took a week and just relaxed. Matt and I ran away for a couple of days to Santa Barbara and had some alone time. I was looking forward to undisturbed sleep, but, Matt got a cold and snored in my ear both nights. When we were in Pismo, I took Elizabeth to my elementary school, Shell Beach, and played with her on the play ground. Talk about sentimental. She swung on the same swings I played on when I was her age. I'm getting misty eyed even thinking about it again :) I was showing a friend of mine pictures of my elementary school and he said that he would have purposefully failed just to stay at that school. I guess us Bears were lucky!
 My niece...Anna (sorry, little blurry)
 I used to swing on that same bar.
 The view from my elementary school playground!
 Matt and I rented this little 3 wheel motorcycle/car/thingy. We totally got laughed at.
Santa Barbara State St. If you have never been...GO. Three words girls, Paseo Nuevo Mall!!

We got our back yard done this summer. It no longer looks like we are ready to go mud bogging! We actually have grass, a garden, and room for the kids to play.
See the grass!!!!!!!!

Good think that middle finger is pointed in!

We have taken the boat out a few times this summer. This is the first year that we really have gotten to take Meghan out without any issues. Last year when we took her out, she would have seizures, we would have to give her Diastat, then she would pass out for a few hours. Meghan loves the boat, but mostly she likes to drive it!! The last time we went out, Matt flipped Elizabeth out of the tube. I have never ever seen anyone cartwheel across water before. I was so afraid that she would be scared, but she popped up laughing!! Thank goodness. Next year, I want to get her up on a wakeboard or at least ski's!
That's our friend Jenny's back. Awesome little place to float, play and drink it up!

Don't worry Matt...she's not going to break it or like forget to put the plug in (ahem)

Elizabeth finally has a loose tooth! I mean for crying out loud she is going to be 7 in October. She was the only one in her 1st grade class that did not lose a tooth. However, the longer it takes for her permanent teeth to come in, the healthier they will be.

Alright, that is a snapshot of what has been going on. I can't wait to get these kids off to school! Meghan will be going to preschool again. She went a few weeks at the end of last year and loved it. AND, what is so cool is that she gets picked up and dropped off by bus. Yes, it is a little yellow bus, but she rock is!!

Much love to you all
Kerri <3

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  1. I have so much to comment on...brace yourself this might be long. :)

    2-5 times a night (poor Momma) you must be exhausted, fingers crossed for potty training, it was the hardest thing I've done I think.

    I love Pismo Beach, & SB so pretty! I'm glad you got some alone time.

    How fun on the boat, I know wutcha mean I can't wait to get Noah skiing one day :)

    I was just thinking I miss your blog posts :)