Monday, August 8, 2011

Rocking Davis Ranch

This has been a weird summer in the Sacramento area! Usually we literally fry during the summer. This summer, however, has been very mild. While most of the nation is literally cooking chocolate chip cookies on their dashboards, we have been blessed with very warm (but not unbearable days) and perfect evenings where you can sit outside and enjoy your self. In fact, it has been so awesome, that we have even been able to bike ride without just falling short of IV re hydration!! I love California...right now!
Super moms old school camera phone. Don't you love the girls helmets :)

Yesterday my mom, the girls and I ventured out to a little area known as Sloughhouse. With most people in our area, you say Sloughhouse, and they!! And yes, it is the best corn-on-the-cob ever!! Not only does it taste a little bit like Heaven, but you can get 27 ears for $7 bucks!!!
The barn where all the goodness is kept!

Strawberry picking area!

They bring the oodles of corn in on these tractors and bag them up for ya at the barn!

This awesomeness, along with all the best fruits and veggies is located at this ranch called Davis Ranch. I love to go there for their amazing fruits and veggies, but every September they have a fun event for kiddo's called the Gord Festival. And, if you are one that purchases real Christmas Trees, this is the place to go!!! can pick your own Strawberry's!! Shockingly though yesterday, with no fun kids stuff, Elizabeth had a ball and Meghan was super quiet, along for the ride, in her stroller!!
Some of our goodies we brought back. Those there folks are green tomatoes...I'm gonna have me some fried green tomatoes!!
So...go to Davis Ranch!! Get yer veggies and fruits...and don't forget the corn!!

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  1. What a fun time! I have that cook book too :)
    Love those helmets!

    And love seeing you blogging again :)