Friday, August 19, 2011

25 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Hi Folks!!

I stole this idea from an awesome gal and blogger that I follow! I tried to keep it fun and interesting. All is 100% true!! Some might be TMI, but oh well, for those who know me anyway, I always naturally find myself in TMI territory!

1. I was in a Nascar commercial (still have the VCR tape of my 15 milliseconds of fame).
2. When I was in 6th grade, I had Bells Palsy and for 9 months, the whole right side of my face was paralyzed (no, I do not have pictures).
3. I was .01 away from graduating college with top honors (funny now, they have changed the scale and I would NOW be able to walk Summa Cum Laude).
4. On a less spectacular academic note, one of my high school freshman progress report cards came home with a stellar GPA of 0.76 out of 4.0.
5. I used to play the Clarinet (but Bells Palsy put a stop to that. Maybe I shoulda switched to the flute...oh well).
6. I worked at Burger King for 11 years. 11 years of fast food folks!! I still have nightmares dreams weekly about The King.
7. I have a sick fascination with weather. On first encounters of meeting new people, if I give a weather update, they really think I'm a meteorologist. Ha, no, just an insurance girl!
8. On one of my many days of working drive thru at Burger King, some man walked up to my window and tried to give me his baby. Well at first I said no, I can't take his baby. Then I got scared and another coworker of mine went after him for fear of the little baby's life. In the end, the cops came, took the baby, arrested him, and the baby was reunited with her momma!
9. I am terrified Terrified TERRIFIED of fire! I can't even light a match.
10. My only ticket I have gotten was due to running a red light (stupid cop).
11. I came to the conclusion that it was time to leave my 4 year junior college stint one evening when my economics teacher asked me to dance with him at a club !
12. My husband...Matt, was first, my oldest sister's nephew (perfectly legal folks. Perfectly legal CA law abiding here).
13. I have blown a total of 5 tires due to either hitting potholes or running over curbs. None of them were my fault! One of the said curb incidences was because a spider was on my windshield and I was trying to decipher if it was on the inside or outside. As I was working on that task, the car swerved and bam, there goes my tire. See mom, spiders fault. Oh, the spider was actually on the outside and got away.
14. I have mastered Zumba!! Well, maybe with some unintentional solo's. But if you remember what happened last year and my experience with Zumba, Zumba Fail, this is a phenomenal achievement!
15. I will always be a mom first to my kids over being their friend first (wow...that was deep wasn't it)!
16. I <3 reading.
17. I have bunions on both my feet. I have ingeniously named them Paul and Babe.
18. Since I happened on the foot subject, my second toe is abnormally long. It gets very annoying because I either I hit it on random things or it has a tendency to hang out over the top of some sandals. Thanks to both Paul and Babe AND my freakishly long toe, I have to wear shoe a half size bigger to accommodate my feet (no, there will not be picture posting of this).
19. When I was 4, my favorite movie of all time was Amityville Horror. Don't judge people. I turned out just fine!
20. I am a very very very impatient person (well maybe most of you already knew this).
21. When I was little, probably 4 years old again, I looked exactly like the little girl in Poltergeist. Once again, don't judge people!!
22. I do, and will always, censor the movies my kids watch (even tho I turned out fine, I don't think children need, or should be, exposed to a lot of movie material that is out there).
23. I still count on my fingers!
24. I was once on a first name basis with our old UPS man. Steve was an awesome person! We had many a meetings out at my car so I could secretly intercept the package, place it in my vehicle until Matt took a shower, then I would sneak it in. Because of these shenanigan's I can spot the break sound of the UPS truck a mile away!
25. And Finally...I used to always count how long it would take me to pee (chew on that for a last fact folks).

Have a great weekend all!!



  1. You're a weird one, Nelson.

  2. Bells Palsey how scary! Totally legal folks lol!!

    I still count on my fingers too, it's coo! :)